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Essay Topics for “Motorcycles and Sweetgrass” and class notes

Hi Everyone, Here is a copy of the essay assignment for Motorcycles and Sweetgrass: Essay Topics This essay is due in two weeks on Tuesday April 24th. Here is a copy of the PowerPoint we viewed today in connection to our novel study: Aboriginal art and Indian Motorcycles model presentation A reminder of deadlines: Essay … Continue reading

  • After discusiing this issue in class, reading the articles, and watching the video it has really opened my mind and heart towards the peoples of Attawapiskat. Seeing how they live compared to how we live is just heartbreaking. It doesnt suprise me that they live in bad conditions but seeing families ares lowing dying is just terrible. I was shocked at the fact of how they live. In the summer we get hot so we run into our houses where we can keep cool and continue our day. In Attawapiskat they wish they had a nice place to live where they can help their children live a normal life.As a School, I think we can do simple things like fundraisers to help the poor families living in Attawapiskat. I also think that us students could actually visit Attawapiskat and talk to the families and see what we can do to help them live a happy life.