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Wednesday February29th – Attawapiskat con’t

Hi Everyone, Today in class we corrected the homework questions from “A Story of Starvation.” If you were away, please make sure to get the corrections from someone in class. Handouts related to Attawapiskat were distributed. Please ask me for these if you were away. Today we also viewed two videos in class related to … Continue reading

Tuesday February 28th – notes, dates and oral presentation assignment

Hi Everyone, I have attached the timelines we made in class today. The timelines are our summary of notes from the Thomas King reading. In addition, I have attached a copy of the oral presentation assignment. Here is a list of important upcoming dates: Thursday March 8th – work period – Period 2 in M314 … Continue reading

Thomas King – What Is It About Us That You Don’t Like?

Here is a copy of the Thomas King study questions for the reading What Is It About Us That You Don’t Like? What Is it About Us that You Don’t Like – Thomas King

A Story of Starvation – Marion Tuu’luq

Hi everyone, Today in class we read Marion Tuu’luq’s true story about growing up in the Northwest Territories. A Story of Starvation A Story of Starvation Inuit-ImagesInfo I have attached the PowerPoint presentation that we looked at that features igloo construction and has some video clips – that PowerPoint is to give you a visual of … Continue reading

8th Fire: Indigenous in the City

In class today we watched the documentary 8th Fire: Indigenous in the City. For homework this weekend, please answer the questions I distributed in class and bring them in on Monday. I have attached an electronic version of the assignment to this post. Also, here is the link to the documentary for those of you … Continue reading

What is our responsibility to the people of Attawapiskat?

I went to an interesting conference last night at the University of Toronto that talked about the Cree community of Attawapiskat and the challenges they have experienced due to environmental contamination and lack of help/support from our Canadian government. The following link is just one of the hundreds of news articles that you can find … Continue reading

Drew Hayden Taylor – Video Essay

Click on the following link http://www.cbc.ca/doczone/8thfire/2012/01/the-relationship-in-3-minutes.html This is Drew Hayden Taylor’s video essay called “Aboriginal 101: The Relationship in 3 Minutes.” After watching the video, consider the following questions: 1. What are Taylor’s goals with this video? What message is he communicating? 2. How does he employ satire and irony in this video essay? 3. … Continue reading

Creation Stories

Native Creation Stories In his collection of lectures, The Truth About Stories, Thomas King writes, “…contained within creation stories are relationships that help define the nature of the universe and how cultures understand the world in which they exist” (103). Attached are a small collection of First Peoples’ creation stories. Read them and consider the … Continue reading


Welcome to Contemporary Aboriginal Voices. This course emphasizes analytical reading, writing, oral communication, and thinking skills that students need for success in secondary school academic programs and their daily lives. You will study and interpret texts from contemporary and historical periods.  There will be a particular focus on the literature of the Aboriginal nations within … Continue reading


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