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Essay Topics for “Motorcycles and Sweetgrass” and class notes

Hi Everyone, Here is a copy of the essay assignment for Motorcycles and Sweetgrass: Essay Topics This essay is due in two weeks on Tuesday April 24th. Here is a copy of the PowerPoint we viewed today in connection to our novel study: Aboriginal art and Indian Motorcycles model presentation A reminder of deadlines: Essay … Continue reading

8th Fire: Whose Land Is It Anyway?

Hi Everyone, Here are the questions for the documentary film 8th Fire: Whose Land Is It Anyway? As you answer the questions, consider connections between the film and the novel Motorcycles and Sweetgrass. 8th Fire – Land Here is a link to the film: http://www.cbc.ca/doczone/8thfire//2011/11/whose-land-is-it-anyway.html This assignment is due on Tuesday. A reminder that your … Continue reading

Motorcycles and Sweetgrass – Chapters 14-19

Hi Everyone, Here are the study questions for chapters 14-19 of Motorcycles and Sweetgrass. We will correct these homework questions on Tuesday April 10th. Please have these chapters read and the questions completed by that day. Just a friendly reminder that your thesis statement and introductory paragraph for your ISU are also due on that … Continue reading

ISU Project – Notes and Deadlines

Hi Everyone, Today in class we discussed the ISU Project. By this point you should have finished reading your novel (or be very close to finished). Your introduction paragraph, which includes the thesis statement is due on Tuesday April 10th Today in class I distributed notes on how to write a thesis statement, an introductory … Continue reading

Presentation – Aboriginal Mysticism

Juliana, Julia, Amanda, and Stefanie’s presentation on Aboriginal Mysticism Eng aboriginal presentation

Reminder about the Bugs Bunny and Oka Crisis posts

Hello ladies, Just wanted to remind you to post a response to the Bugs Bunny and Oka Crisis questions by tomorrow. I will evaluate this post as part of your mark. Thank you for the rich discussion in class today! The chapter 14-19 questions will be corrected next week on Tuesday!  

Ms. Paniccia is sick :-( Here are the study questions for Chapter 14

Hi Everyone, I’m feeling very ill today. I’m upset too because I really wanted to discuss Motorcycles and Sweetgrass with you. I’m excited about talking about John and who this mysterious figure is, Maggie and her role as chief, the ongoing land disputes, Virgil and his quest for growth, etc. I want to hear your … Continue reading

Motorcycles and Sweetgrass – Study Questions

Hi Everyone, I have attached the study questions for Motorcycle and Sweetgrass. I have included the questions from the Prologue, right up to Chapter 13. Please keep reading the novel! We will discuss these chapter questions next week. Merci! StudyQuestions – Prologue and Chapter 1 StudyQuestions-Ch2,3,4 StudyQuestions-Ch5,6,7 StudyQuestions-Ch8-9 StudyQuestions-Chap10-13

Bugs Bunny cartoons

In class, some of the group presentations focused on cultural stereotypes. Consider the following Bugs Bunny cartoons from the 1940s and 1960s. What stereotypes about Native Americans do the cartoons reinforce/suggest? What is your reaction to these cartoons? How has the Native Studies course helped to shape your reaction and/or ideas? Would your reaction have … Continue reading

Research Projects

Hi Everyone, As you continue to present your research projects in class, can you please post them to the website? This way students in both classes can enjoy your hard work! To insert your project, simply click on “insert” and then “browse.” Using the “browse” function locate your project and insert it in the post. … Continue reading


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